Knoxsongs was born originally out of a wish to help our artists get published, their songs registered and have their royalties properly collected from around the world – leaving them to focus on writing songs and making music.

What it also does is helps us present their songs and recordings to the sync world as a one-stop opportunity, thereby simplifying and speeding up the licensing process.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the business and, as a defiantly boutique music publisher, we are able to devote our time and effort to ALL our songs. Unlike the larger publishers who control many thousands and even millions of songs, we could probably sing all of ours to you should the need arise.

Nor are we without experience. As head of the Warner Bros label in the UK during the most successful decade in its history we learned a lot, and worked closely on the careers of some of the biggest and most enduring artists of our lifetimes. Focusing later on artist management further developed our understanding of an artist’s and writer’s needs, and ultimately led us back to the label business via our sister companies Dharma Records and licensing through SyncRepublic.